Charlie Cheng-Jie Ji

UC Berkeley CS & DS junior. LLM / AI Safety Researcher. Teacher. Music Producer. Hiker. Foodie.


Berkeley, California

Hello, visitor! I’m Charlie. Thank you for taking a moment to visit my personal page.

Currently, I am a third year undergrad at UC Berkeley, majoring in Computer Science and Data Science. You can find my coursework here. Born in San Jose but raised in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, I spent a good part of my formative years amidst its vibrant energy. In my academic pursuits, I have developed interest in generative modeling, AI safety, and curious about AGI problems, hoping to create safer, more responsible, robust AI. Previously, I was a research intern at Tencent YouTu Lab, working on adversarial machine learning problems in computer vision, specifically in adversarial attacks in facial related applications. There’re quite some topics that I’m currently following & exploring, here’s a few: Trustworthy AI, LLM security, LLM w/ tool use, LLM + Education, AI + Music.

A significant part of my educational journey has been my love for teaching and pedagogical theories. I am an avid proponent of the Concrete-Representational-Abstract, Socratic Teaching, and Multisensory Learning methodologies.

Outside the sphere of academia, I have been involved in the fast-paced SaaS startups. As a former founding software engineer for Markit.AI, I had the privilege of working on image saliency detection for pre-launch analytics as part of the Skydeck Pad-13 Program.

Also, I love making music, playing board games, exploring mystery food spots and niche places, embarking on all kinds of outdoor adventures. I recently start to record my thoughts and experiences in my blog.

If you share any of these interests or if you’d like to chat about them, don’t hesitate to connect!